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Swansea University Anatomy Society


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About Us

Welcome to the ANATOMY SOCIETY

Whether you’re a GEM, PA, AMS or allied health professional student or just really passionate about anatomy, this is the society for you! 

As a new student at Swansea (both undergrad and postgrad) we have LOTS to offer which will not only optimise your understanding of the human body but also provide incredible opportunities for CV building. You will be networking with other students, staff, visiting anatomists, doctors and surgeons!

If we haven’t convinced you to join the society already, here’s a little insight to the activities we have planned for our members for the next academic year 2022-23: 

  1. Monthly talks and practical sessions/demonstrations delivered by professionals involved in anatomy, e.g. anatomists, doctors and surgeons, with CERTIFICATES available for attendance!
  2. Fun anatomy-themed SOCIALS!
  3. Opportunities for GEM students to be official ANATOMY DEMONSTRATORS and receive certification for their efforts!
  4. Dissections with our very own SAM WEBSTER! You will either be able to dissect or observe according to your level and competence.
  5. Participate in or conduct RESEARCH. The society already supports several studies on the forefront of anatomical education. If you're interested in getting involved or participating, get in touch!

We are a new society with a lot to offer students old and new. Please join us on our journey. If you'd like to get involved or have any questions, reach out to us via email or social media!.



Marketing Lead
Olivia McIntosh
Nikol Kralimarkova
Teaching Seminar Lead
Rebecca Kent
Temp Teaching Seminar Lead
Hajani Premanandhan
Grace Barrett-Rees
UG Teaching Lead 1
Anjali Kumar
Vice President
Megan Johnston