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Book Club

Welcome to Swansea University's Book Club Society! Join us for a wide variety of socials and a monthly discussion of a book that YOU help choose!


  • Book Club Standard Membership£2.50
  • Book Club Associate Membership£2.50

About Us

Swansea Univeristy Book Club is dedicated to making a safe and welcoming space to all students. 

We encourage discussions and debates on books and reading but also any interests the members have. This society is a way to meet likeminded individuals who are passionate about reading. 

Book Club will be holding a wide varirety of socials including the monthly Book Discussions, a collective reading social, a Halloween social at Proud Mary's Swansea and many many more. Some socials there will be drinking involved but we are also passionate about Sober Socials as well to include everyone. 





Book Secretary
Chayla Erickson
Holly Timewell
Social Media Secretary
Amelia Short
Social Secretary
Georgia Marklew
Beatrice Elton