Welcome to CIVSOC! We are a society for Civil Engineers and those interested in learning more about Civil Engineering. We are so excited to welcome you to our society!

Level up this year as you connect with not just your classmates but with everyone else studying and working in the industry.  We understand that due to COVID-19 things are changing quite rapidly, however, here in Swansea, our committee is working to make sure that we help you make the best of your university experience as a student! So join us to connect, network, build your CV and have fun while you learn!

Let us introduce you to your CIVSOC 2021/2022 committee:

  • President: Ashima Anand
  • Vice President: Elana Twumwaa
  • Secretary: Nathan Rogers
  • Social Secretary: Takudzwa Kevin Njanike
  • Treasurer: Christian Rodriguez Howell
  • ICE/CPD Rep: Aaron Meredith 

Now, I am sure you must be wondering how you can join our society? 

How to join our society:



Here is a bit more about our Society:


           AIMS & OBJECTIVES

  • The FUNdamental aspect of the society is to have fun.
  • Help you with getting about your work.
  • Connect you with the right people.
  • 2 Inspirational talks/site visits per semester through ICE.
  • Encourage team-work and co-learning by giving access to students to easily and conveniently contact each other. 



  • Make the society the heart of the Civil Engineering College.
  • Facilitate the relationship between students, class reps and staff.
  • Encourage ALL Civil Engineers from all years to interact and socialise.
  • Make 1st year students feel at ease and at home.
  • Create a good network between ICE, SU alumni and lecturers. 



  • Create a platform for students to share what they are interested in about Civil Engineering e.g. current global events/ industry developments.
  • Most importantly it’s about getting students to network and increase prospects of finding placements, internship and graduate jobs.
  • We will look for volunteering or charitable fundraising opportunities.
  • We will look for and recommend competitions and bursary opportunities for Civil Engineering students.?


We hope to see you soon!