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Our aim is to create an ideal environment to make new friends, and to offer the chance to speak Italian with speakers from different levels of fluency. Everyone is welcome to join!


  • Italian Standard Membership£3.00
  • Italian Associate Membership£4.00

About Us

Ciao everyone!

As Italians are known to be very welcoming, we would love to have people from whatever nationality and culture joining our society!

Our aim is to create an ideal environment to make new friends and spend some good time together in a typical Mediterranean context.

Our socials are held approximately twice a month and we’ll put much effort in order for you to have the best time! Not only we like Wind Street but also love movie nights, meals (where you can cook your favourite dish to bring and share with the rest of us) and joint socials with other societies.
We also think that to make the best out of what Swansea has to offer is best to be together, so watch out because you might see us around at the trampoline park, laser game or bowling.

We are also planning some day trips, so you are invited to come with us to explore the surroundings!
Come join us to discover more about Italian culture, improve your Italian skills or just have a good laugh.

We are planning big and have a lot more going on

Feel free to contact us through our Facebook page and join our group on there.

A presto!
See you soon!


Vice President
Sharon Luisi