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Skate society is open to all abilities. Join us for skating, long boarding, cruising or generally boozing.


  • Skate Standard Membership£3.00
  • Skate Associate Membership£3.00

About Us

Swansea University Skate Society 

Welcome to the skate society!

We are open to anyone who has an interest in skating, be it skateboarding, longboarding or any other kind of skating. Even if you've never set foot on a board before we are here as a society to encourage and help newcomers to start skating in no pressure environment. All skaters are happy to help others and we are no exception!

The society has had good links with the local skatepark Exist in previous years and we hope to be working closely with them again in order to get  benefits for skate society members. Skate also has close ties to the surf and snowriders club, and sometimes will have joint events/socials together making for an extra wavey time.

We will be having days down at the local skateparks where we will meet up and simply spend the day skating. You can come along to these to practice, learn or just to be social and enjoy a day outdoors. On these days we will do our best to provide some boards for those who don't have their own but having your own will help to progress. We can offer support and advice to find the right setup for you if you're not sure what you need.

As well as this we will be organising trips to go out of Swansea itself to skateparks which are a bit further away to give members some variety in what they skate in their time in wales. These would be low cost, fun day trips where you can spend the day working on your skills.

Benefits of Joining the Skate Society

  • Added to closed facebook group where all socials, meetups and trips will be detailed
  • Added to group chat so you always have someone to skate with
  • First dibs on merchandise
  • Opportunity to get on trips out of town to other skateparks
  • Community of skaters of all abilities to help you progress
  • Make some new friends :)
  • Discounted prices at local skateparks
  • Exclusive events including themed nights out, skate video screenings and so much more!
  • Opportunity to feature in skate society edits and films 


Any questions please do not hesitate to shoot us an email or message us on social media



Benjamin Botham
Harry Ingram
Sunny Balogun
Lucy Winnard


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