Socialist Students
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Socialist Students

Socialist Students is a democratic campaigning organisation with groups in universities across Britain. We fight against fees and cuts and are involved in various left-wing + working-class movements.


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About Us

Socialist Students

Who We Are

We are a Marxist political organisation on campus campaigning for democratically run, free education for all and socialist change across society so that we can provide for the masses, not the super-rich. We strongly support the trade union movement and the peoples’ right to protest and strike. We oppose all forms of bigotry and counter-demonstrate against the far-right.

What We Stand For

  • Free education for all
  • £15 minimum wage
  • End zero-hour contracts
  • No course cuts
  • Properly funded NHS
  • No anti-union laws
  • End misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism
  • The formation of a new mass worker’s party
  • Student cost-of-living-crisis support

What We Do

  • Organise and attend demonstrations, both in Swansea and across the country, alongside other SocStu and socialist groups
  • Run candidates in national and local elections, as well as in the SU and NUS elections
  • Organise direct action, such as the successful Swansea Rent Strike
  • Support striking workers and attend pickets in solidarity
  • Help organise the working class through the youth rank-and-file

Instagram is the best place to get in touch with us with any questions: @swanseasocstu


Swansea Socialist Students Facebook page




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