Maths (SUMSoc)
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Maths (SUMSoc)

Interested in Maths? Of course you are! Join SUMSoc and meet like-minded people, make friends, have access to limitless Maths help and join an ever growing network of friendly, out-going people!


  • Maths (SUMSoc) Standard Membership£5.00
  • Maths (SUMSoc) Associate Membership£5.00

About Us

Hello and welcome to the Swansea University Mathematics Society!

Here at SUMSoc we would like to create a supportive, friendly and sociable environment for anyone interested in mathematics, wanting to socialise with mathematics students or simply wanting to have a great time.

Our emphasis is getting like-minded people together in one place, making friends across all years of study and having access to a network of help and contacts.


-[Socials & Events]-

An event will be made on the member’s Facebook group page for every social with plenty (1 week+) of notice.

There will be (up to) 4 socials a month; drinking socials and sober/non-drinking socials. We want to mix up the tempo and intensity of each social to make sure everyone is catered for and the atmosphere is more relaxed and genuine.

[Drinking socials to expect]: 

> Sin City [With Q-Jumps]

> Pub Crawls

> Outings to Wind Street

> House Parties and many more!

[Sober socials to expect]:

> Limitless Trampoline Park Socials

> Pub Quizzes

> Beach BBQ's

> Bowling Socials 

> Coffee Socials and much more!

(We're always open to ideas and suggestions for socials!)


-[Drop-In Sessions]-

These sessions are a great chance for Maths students of all years to come together and help one another with coursework, lecture notes and anything else Maths related. It's also a great opportunity to make friends!

-[Drop-In session times for this academic year are still to be determined. Times will be published here within the first week of lectures starting]-


Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope you join our hugely popular and sociable society!

We'll see you soon, have a lReal good day!

- The Swansea University Mathematics Society Committee 


Once you have paid for membership please join our SUMSoc member’s Facebook group (links on this page) as this is where we post all our information.  

If you do not have Facebook, then please email us at We will make sure to keep you up to date with socials, events and other announcements.


-[SUMSoc Committee]-

 Jay Page (President)

 Thomas Katsaitis (Treasurer)

 Belle Hampton (Secretary)

 Ally Sims (Social Secretary)

Jonathan Davies (Vice President)



> Discord

> Facebook Members Page

> Facebook Freshers Page

>Follow Our Instagram




Helo a chroeso i Gymdeithas Fathemateg Prifysgol Abertawe!

Yn SUMSoc, hoffem ni greu amgylchedd cefnogol, cyfeillgar a chymdeithasol i unrhyw un sydd â diddordeb mewn mathemateg ac sydd am gymdeithasu â myfyrwyr mathemateg neu fwynhau.

Ein bwriad yw dod â phobl debyg at ei gilydd, cwrdd â ffrindiau o bob lefel o ddysgu a chreu rhwydwaith o gymorth a chysylltiadau.


-[Sosials a Digwyddiadau]-

Bydd digwyddiad yn cael ei greu ar grwp Facebook yr aelodau am bob digwyddiad gyda digonedd o rybudd (1 wythnos+).

Bydd yna (hyd at) 4 sosial y mis; sosials yfed a sosials di-alcohol. Rydyn ni am newid pethau'n aml i sicrhau bod pawb yn hapus a bod yr amgylchedd yn hamddenol a dilys.

Sosials yfed i'w disgwyl: 

> Sin City [â thocynnau i neidio'r ciw]

> Crôl Tafarndai

> Digwyddiadau ar Wind Street

> Partïon ty a mwy!

Sosials di-alcohol i'w disgwyl:

> Parc Trampolîn Limitless

> Cwis Tafarn

> Barbeciw ar y traeth

> Sosials bowlio deg

> Sosials coffi a mwy!


Rydyn ni wastad yn agored i syniadau ac awgrymiadau am sosials!


Diolch am ddarllen hwn, gobeithiwn eich bod chi'n ymuno â'n cymdeithas boblogaidd a chymdeithasol iawn!

Gwelwn ni chi cyn bo hir, joiwch eich diwrnod!

- Pwyllgor Cymdeithas Fathemateg Prifysgol Abertawe


Unwaith i chi dalu am eich aelodaeth, ymunwch â'n grwp Facebook i aelodau SUMSoc (dolen ar y dudalen hon) er mwyn gweld ein holl wybodaeth.

Os nad oes gennych chi Facebook, anfonwch ebost at Byddwn ni'n sicrhau ein bod ni'n anfon sosials, digwyddiadau a chyhoeddiadau eraill atoch.


-[Pwyllgor SUMSoc]-

 Jay Page (Llywydd)

 Thomas Katsaitis (Trysorydd)

 Belle Hampton (Ysgrifennydd)

 Ally Sims (Ysgrifennydd Cymdeithasol)

Jonathan Davies (Is Lywydd)



> Discord

 >Tudalen Facebook Aelodau

> Tudalen Facebook Myfyrwyr y Glas

> Dolen Instagram




Thomas Katsaitis
Jemima Maxted-Willey
Social Secretary
Michael Powell
Rebecca Gicquel
Vice President
Jonathan Davies
Welfare Officer
Alexander Sims


Maths (SUMSoc) SUMsoc's Christmas Dinner
13th December 4pm - 6pm
Reading Room, Computational Foundry 320
Join SUMSoc for a homemade Christmas meal! It will be at 4pm on Wednesday the 13th of December in the Reading Room (Computational Foundry 320), and our last get together this semester. Also, please make sure you buy your ticket by the 8th.