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We are SwanSEDS, Swansea Uni's Rocketry team! We are the Swansea branch of a national organisation called UKSEDS - UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.


  • SwanSEDS Standard Membership£10.00
  • SwanSEDS Associate Membership£10.00

About Us

Who are we?
We are SwanSEDS, Swansea Uni's Rocketry team! As the Swansea branch of UKSEDS (, Our aim is to connect students with the UK space sector, and to provide learning experience and outreach opportunities to all members.

Our society is open to all students who have an interest in space, students who want to gain future career experience and even students who simply just want to launch rockets in their free time! Our society is diverse and is not limited to just engineering students!

What we offer
Last year, we got up to a variety of things, and we have much more planned for this year after our recent merger with the Universities Euroc Team. Such events included:

  • Introduction to model rocketry talks.
  • Student made low powered Rockets.
  • Industry talks from Skyrora and Oxford Space Systems.
  • Sober socials.
  • Film nights.
  • Openrocket workshops.
  • UKSEDS National rocketry Championship (you can see our entry on our YouTube channel).

This year, we will hold similar events, and we will also enter the following competitions:

  • Mach-24.
  • UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship.

We will also hold the following workshops and schemes:

  • Electronics and coding workshops.
  • Openrocket workshops and Rocketpy workshops.
  • Rocket manufacturing workshops.
  • Composite manufacturing workshops.
  • Level 1 certification scheme (

We are proud to announce that we will begin a long-term project which is the development of a liquid propulsion system. The propulsion system will be tested at the Race to space competition and will be incorporated into one of our EUROC entries in the coming years once development is complete.

How to get involved?
Interested? If so, our membership is £10. This gets you a free membership to UKSEDS, where you can take advantage of the vast resources and networking that UKSEDS has. Additionally, this fee pays towards the resources for you to make your own low powered rocket that you can launch and keep, it also funds our competitions, transport, and allows even more exciting projects to be planned!


It should be noted that additional roles will be up for grabs due to us starting to look for sponsors.

President: Alex Holmes

Secretary and NRC Project Lead: Luke Weller

Social Sec: Takura Nyatsuro

Treasurer: Tali Maguire

Mach-24 project lead: Stanley Ashby


Alexander Holmes
Project Lead
Stanley Ashby
Luke Weller
Luke Weller
Social Secretary
Takura Nyatsuro
Taliesin Maguire