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What is Study Aid?

Study Aid is run twice each academic year to support students during exam season, in a bid to help de-stress and offer additional support during this challenging time.

Study Aid 2023

Tue 16 May 2023 Study Aid

Important Infomation

Study Aid 

To help our students through the challenging exam seasons, we run Study Aid twice each academic year. Students can expect free tea, coffee and biscuits, de-stress sessions (complete with therapy dogs), massages, arts and crafts, and more.

What we do 

This academic year, students can expect free tea, coffee and biscuits in the library (on both Bay and Singleton campuses), scheduled walks around the local area, guided meditation sessions, the chance to pet some therapy dogs, a Stress Less Fest which offers our students freebies, professional headshots, haircuts, and snacks, and more. Take a look at what we've got planned for the May/June 2023 exam season!



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