Uni Exam Checklist

Keep cool on the big day thanks to our handy checklist

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Here's the thing - exams are stressful. Preparation is key, so take a look at our exam checklist to help keep your stress to a minimum!

Night before

  • Prep clothes
    • Get your exam outfit ready the night before to prevent stressing over it in the morning - opt for comfort; you don't want to be uncomfortable during your exam
  • Check details
    • Make sure you know where your exam is being held
  • Early night
    • Try to get to sleep early to ensure a decent night's sleep - this is easier said than done, so consider a chamomile tea and some yoga to help your body get ready to sleep
  • Pack your bags
    • Think about what you need during the exam:
      • Student card
      • Timetable
      • Exam number
      • Stationery
      • Water
      • Any other items you may need, like a calculator or reference text

Morning of

  • Breakfast
    • It's the most important meal of the day - start your day with a healthy brekkie; porridge, wholemeal toast, poached eggs, fruit ... all that good brain food
  • Bag check
    • Avoid worry en route to your exam - check the bag you packed last night to make sure you remembered everything
  • Don't panic
    • Easier said than done, but you've worked hard for this, and you can do it


  • Get there in good time
    • Avoid running late and causing unnecessary stress - leave your house earlier than you need to, and catch an earlier bus; you never know what could happen on the way there. Leave some time to use the restroom if you need to!
  • Go in and get it!
    • Remember, you've worked for this - get in there and smash it!


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