Wendy's Story

“Doing a Get ACTIVE session perks me up and helps me socialise.”

Arriving at Swansea University in 2023, Wendy knew something had to change. During her A-levels studies, she started to feel stressed and overwhelmed: 

“I’d always been quite sporty but, during A-levels, I dropped everything to focus on my studies. It was a really big mistake. My mental health absolutely plummeted.” 

So, when she embarked on her Psychology degree, Wendy decided it was high time she got her work/life balance into check: 

“I treated Uni like a fresh start, I knew I couldn’t lock everything else out and just simply study.  It was one of my personal goals to make sure I had some ‘me time’ and that I balanced things out more.” 

Making time to Get Active 

At Freshers Fayre, she discovered Get ACTIVE - an affordable physical activity programme which is jam-packed with different activities. It aims to help students and staff get more active, have fun and meet new people: 

“Going to a Get ACTIVE session perks me up and helps me socialise. The endorphins make me feel so much better,” says Wendy.  “On days I don’t do any activity, my mood is always lower. 

“After a session, I feel more confident, more on top of my game and like I’ve accomplished something. I feel proud of myself and I have come to realise that it’s important to celebrate the little wins.” 

Meeting new people and trying new things 

Get ACTIVE has also given Wendy the opportunity to meet new and likeminded people as she isn’t someone who always likes to go clubbing. To date, she’s tried bouldering, badminton, netball, volleyball and kayaking.  

“I love the variety – you can try out lots of different things. I’d never done bouldering or volleyball before – my arms killed after,” laughs Wendy. “But I’ll definitely do it again.” 

Encouraging others to Get ACTIVE

She is so impressed by the power of Get ACTIVE and the way in which it has helped her, she is now keen to become an Activator. That’s someone who helps run activities for other students. 
“I’m someone who likes to be able to help people,” she added. “We can all get a bit stressed by demands of university, but I’d really encourage anyone to get out, do some exercise and when you get back to your desk, you’ll be more efficient and get more done.” 

And Wendy says Get ACTIVE is perfect for those who don’t consider themselves to be sporty: 

“There isn’t any pressure when you go along to a Get ACTIVE session. There’s no need to feel daunted or nervous because everyone is really welcoming and it isn’t competitive. It’s just a chance to try something new. 

“I’d love to be an Activator because I want the opportunity to help people, especially if they feel that Uni is getting on top of them. I want everyone to have a chance to experience the boost in self esteem and confidence that I get from these sessions. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.” 

If you would like to get moving and meet new people, register for Get ACTIVE today and get booking your sessions. 



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