BAME Students' Advisory Committee

Your Education Officer Theresa has won the VoxStudents challenge to turn her idea of a BAME Students' Advisory Committee into reality.

Theresa said: “I am really excited about winning this challenge because it gives me the platform to implement the BAME Students' Advisory Committee, not only in Swansea University, but also on a wider scale.

 “More than ever, race and racial issues need to be addressed in our educational institutions. It is not enough to put out a statement on Black Lives Matter, but we also need to take steps in challenging the system, but most importantly in ensuring that the voices of our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students are being heard, and that is what this group would achieve.”

The BAME Success Advisory Group will be chaired by Swansea SU BAME part-time officer and co-chaired by a Full-time officer. The group will work closely and strategically with the Equality Committee, the University and the Students' Union. The goal is to amplify the voices of BAME students, and to ensure that our experiences play a part in key decisions and policies within the institution, as opposed to being treated as data. It would also serve as a measure of holding the University to account in their commitment towards BAME students.

They will be consulted in projects like 'decolonising the University'; which would include the curriculum, welfare services, catering, career advice and student experience events. In the structure, there will be a chance for the University Senior Management Team to be paired with the students, to ensure a two-way relationship, mentoring and learning process, in understanding the issues that impact the experiences of BAME students, and in building a culturally competent campus.

To apply, please download this form (or Welsh version) and return it filled in to


Swansea University Students' Union