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Megan Chagger

The role of the President within the Students' Union encompasses various responsibilities. Primarily, the SU President takes the lead in democratic procedures, acts as the main point of contact for university-related matters, and serves as the primary liaison between the SU and the University. They are the face of the student body throughout the University and ensure the fair representation of all students. 

The President role also oversees both full-time and part-time officer teams and chairs the SU's Executive Committee, which holds significant decision-making authority within the Union. Additionally, they also chair the Trustee Board consisting of 9 Trustees, who possess the ultimate decision-making powers within the SU. 

Meg has previously worked for the Union your 23/24 Sports Officer.

When Meg's not at the SU, you can find her on the dance floor in town or just chilling at home, watching movies or at Cheerleading! 

From Your Officer

Megan Chagger

Hey guys! I'm Megan but my friends know me as Meg. I'm so excited to be your President for 24/25. Last year I was your Sports Officer and I had previously studied Sport and Exercise Science as my degree here :) During my 4 years in Swansea, I've gotten involved in a lot with the SU, I have been a member of the Swansea Sirens, a Coach and previously their Club President in 22/23, Which is when we won Club of the Year ;)

I've got big things planned for the year ahead, so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram @susupresident and of course, the SU page @swanseaunisu


Roles and Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

I amplify student voices, advocating their concerns to the university. Collaborating with peers and staff, I enhance campus life through events, campaigns, and diversity initiatives. As a bridge between students and the university, I influence policies for academic excellence and well-being. My leadership ensures students' needs are heard and acted upon, fostering a vibrant, supportive, and successful student community.


What I'm Working On

Cost of Living projects

Early Stages

  •    Reduce the cost of events that we run for students, ensuring everyone has the chance to experience university to the fullest without financial burdens

        •        Conduct a review using student feedback to ensure the services we are providing (JC’s/ Cove) are priced fairly, in-line with other student unions across the UK.

        •        Continue & expand on our current COL projects: Continuing the breakfasts on both campuses, the sports & societies hardship funds are available, work with the welfare officer so women’s welfare products continue to be a priority and available in all SU spaces and be available.

Engagement and Culture

Early Stages

  • •        Increase engagement with students across Freshers & Re-freshers week by tailoring these events to suit all year groups

        •        Ensure adequate and efficient communications between the SU and international students about the support that we can provide (E.g. Using our advice and support centre, societies to join, events that we run across the year & opportunities that we can provide) to aid in the transition into university life at Swansea.

        •        Work together with the new Societies Officer to help support musical & performing arts students & societies, ensuring they are included in the Fulton House re-development plans to give them their own space.

        •        Continue working on my fan engagement project, by expanding this to make sure all students feel included in sporting activities.

        •        Running more events and involving more students each term such as Swansea Come Dancing, Cultural events.


Accessibility for All Students

Early Stages

  •      Having already taken a lead in the Fulton house redevelopment plans, my priority is ensuring accessibility, catering plans towards all students

        •        I would further like to create new interactive accessibility guides including maps & clear markings for SU buildings and venues

        •        Having easy to find student services to ensure a smooth experience for students when trying to engage with the union

        •        Work to alter the Bus routes so they cover all key areas (Brynmill, Uplands, HMOs in town and both campuses)

Active Campus Project

Early Stages

  •      Increasing the number of well-being events for students to de-stress, take time away from studies and to meet new people.

        •        Offering more trips to key places in and around Swansea to allow students to fully experience the city and surrounding areas.

        •        Helping upgrade the atmosphere around both campus’ so they are a more enjoyable space for students.

        •        Increasing the engagement with the Get Active campaign to help more students have access to sporting sessions