Korfball is a Dutch ball sport that's been around since 1902 and quite simply is the best sport you've never heard of. Instead of giving you a big chunk of boring text, here's the breakdown of what Korfball is about in some bite-size bullet points:

- It is the only mixed gender team sport in the world! That's instantly something you're unlikely to have experienced.
- 4 girls and 4 boys on each team.
- The aim of the game is to throw the ball in a bottomless basket mounted on a pole.
- No contact and no running with ball (just pivoting like netball).
- Swap positions after every 2 goals and halves at half time.
- Keeping the ball moving is crucial and rules are in place to negate height and strength advantages, it's a game of skill and tactics.
- Despite being mixed gender you can only mark someone of the same gender but can pass to anyone.

That's the lowdown on Korfball and of course there's plenty more to learn, which quite conveniently you can do at Swansea next year 

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