Introducting ... Rep of the Month!

It's time to recognise the hard work and dedication our reps do to improve the student experience

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Student reps are the link between you and your School, sitting in on University committees where they take your feedback directly to staff so that they can help improve your experience

Rep of the Month aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the hard work your Academic Reps do all year, supporting their fellow students and dedicating their time to making your time here the best it can be.

What is Rep of the Month?

ROTM aims to raise awareness of all of the work your Academic Reps do, as well as raise the profile of what it means to be an Academic Rep


In addition to raising the profile and impact of our societies, we also want to celebrate how hard you all work throughout your time here!


Anyone can nominate - pop an e-mail over to your Education Officer explaining why you are nominating your chosen Rep

What do I win?

A voucher to spend on any of our SU services, some Rep branded goodies, and a dedicated article on our SU page!

Academic Reps