Khushbu Nayer is February's ROTM

Khushbu Nayer has won Rep of the Month - but who is Khushbu, and what does she do?

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Who is Khushbu Nayer?

Kushbu is the academic rep for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Why did Khushbu win?

Khushbu ensured that the voices of students in her school were heard, making sure to contribute to meetings she attended on the students' behalf.

In the Student Staff Forums, there were discussions around mentorship programs, engagement for students, final-year project support and many others - Khushbu sent these points in for the agenda to be amended and extended

Khushbu was once a subject rep in her first year of university and appreciated how her school reps at the time handled their job, always being very attentive and making her feel like she had a safe space to raise any concerns. With that in mind, her number one goal as School Rep is to provide the same, if not better, support to the subject reps.

To carry out this initiative, Khushbu gathered feedback on the subject reps’ experience. Through this, she found out about their well-being and what worked well, and she also collated feedback on how they could be supported better in the upcoming semester, asking them about ways to improve communication between the school and subject reps.

How can I get involved?

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