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Swansea Slang

You’ve chosen to study at Swansea but how do you blend in with this new community? Like any city, Swansea has a lot of eccentricities – not least it's inhabitants wonderfully unique way of talking. Learn some of these Swansea slang words, and you’ll fit right in with the locals!

  1. Twp - Now, you may think this just looks like someone leant on the keyboard, but it’s actually a way to describe someone who is acting a bit silly. Example: “Stop acting so twp.”
  2. Tamping - This one is for all of you who get rather…displeased shall we say? It basically means angry. Example: “I was tamping the other night!”
  3. Cwtch - A fav across the whole of Wales, this one means a special kind of hug. Example: “Give us a cwtch.”
  4. Tidy - If you’re thinking “finally one I recognise”, then think again. It does not mean something is clean. Around these parts, it is actually used to describe something/someone that is good. Example: “You cleaned the flat? Tidy.”
  5. Cheers drive - Seen as many of you will be regular bus goers, here’s a great way to say thanks to the driver. Example: “Cheers drive.” It’s as easy as that!
  6. Ych a Fi - Another great one to get your mouth around. It’s the perfect phrase for when you’re disgusted by something; which hopefully won’t be too often. Example: “Ych a fi. They didn’t wash their hands!”
  7. Hanging - This one is worth noting down for all you hangover experts, who haven’t learned to switch to water at the end of a good night out. Example: “We got in at 2am. I feel hanging this morning.”
  8. Butt - No, this doesn’t have anything to do with a certain body part. It is in fact a replacement for mate. After Freshers is over, you’ll have tonnes of butts. Example: “Alright butt, how’s it going?”
  9. Lush - A regularly used word around Swansea, if you think something is great - it’s lush. Simple. Example: “Look at him, he’s so lush!”
  10. Mun - A word that doesn’t actually mean anything, it’s simply used to add emphasis to whatever it is that you’re saying. Example: “Alright mun, I said I was sorry.”
  11. Now in a minute - It doesn’t make sense. We know it, you know it. It must be programmed into us from an early age to use, but it can be picked up quicker than you think. Think of it as the pinnacle of being Welsh. You’ll be using it in no time! Example: “I’ll do it now in a minute.”

So there you have it, some Swansea slang to get your head around. Whether you learn them now or not – you're guaranteed to pick up a few of these by the time you graduate.


Slang Abertawe

Rydych wedi dewis astudio yn Abertawe. Ond, sut y mae gwneud y gymuned hon yn gartref i chi? Fel unrhyw ddinas, mae gan Abertawe nifer o hodrwyddion - ac mae hefyd gan y gymuned ffordd unigryw o siarad. Ffordd dda o uno gyda’r gymuned newydd yw dysgu rhai o eiriau slag Abertawe!

  1. Twp - Y mae’r gair hwn yn berffaith ar gyfer yr adegion pryd nad ydych yn hapus. Yn syml, defnyddir y gair hwn i ddisgrifio unigolyn sy’n grac. Er enghraifft: ‘I was tamping the other night!”
  2. Tamping - Y mae’r gair hwn yn berffaith ar gyfer yr adegion pryd nad ydych yn hapus. Yn syml, defnyddir y gair hwn i ddisgrifio unigolyn sy’n grac. Er enghraifft: ‘I was tamping the other night!”
  3. Cwtch - Eto, gair cyfarwydd i’r cymry Cymraeg ond defnyddir y gair hwn yn aml gan y di-Gymraeg yn Abertawe hefyd. Er Enghraifft “Give us a cwtch”
  4. Tidy - Os ydych yn meddwl eich bod yn gyfarwydd gyda’r gair hwn, meddyliwch eto. Nid rhywbeth sy’n daclus a olygir gan y gair hwn. Yn Abertawe defnyddir y gair i ddisgrifio rhywbeth sy’n dda. Er enghraifft: “You cleaned the flat? Tidy.”
  5. Cheers drive - Gan y bydd nifer o honnoch yn teithio ar y bws yn aml, dyma sut i weud diolch i’r gyrrwr. Er enghraifft: “Cheers drive
  6. Ych a Fi - Eto, un arall sy’n gyfarwydd i ni, ond defnyddir y dywediad hwn gan y di-Gymraeg yn Abertawe hefyd.
  7. Hanging - Dyma term sy’n werth nodi i bob un ohonnoch sy’n arbenigwyr ar hangovers gan nad ydych wedi dysgu i yfed dwr cyn diwedd y noson. Er enghraifft: “We got in at 2am. I feel hanging this morning”
  8. Butt - Nid darn o’r corff a olygir gan ‘butt’. Defnyddir y gair hwn yn lle ‘mate’. Ar ôl i pythefnos y glas-fyfyrwyr dod i ben bydd llawer o ffrinidau ganddoch i galw’n ‘butt’. Er enghraifft: “Alright butt, how’s it going?”
  9. Lush - Gair a ddefnyddir yn aml iawn o amgylch Abertawe. Os ydych yn meddwl bod rhywbeth yn wych, yna mae’n - Lush. Er enghraifft: “Look at him, he’s so lush”
  10. Mun - Ni olygir unrhyw beth gan ‘mun’ mewn gwirionedd. Defnyddir y gair hwn i bwysleisio yr hyn a ddywedir. Er enghraifft: “Alright mun, I said I was sorry”
  11. Now in a minute - Rydym yn gwybod. Nid yw’r dywediad hwn yn gwneud synnwyr. Ond rydym i gyd yn gwybod beth a olygir gan y dywediad mewn gwirionedd a byddech yn ei ddefnyddio yn gynt na ydych yn disgwyl. Dyma pryd byeddech yn gwybod i chi troi’n gwbl Cymreig. Er enghraifft; “I’ll do it now in a minute”

Felly dyna ni, byddwch yn arbeinigwr cyn hir. Ond peidiwch â becso…. Nid oes prawf….eto.