Scarily Good Tips for a Sustainable Halloween

Spooky season doesn't have to be scary for the environment - take a look at our tips for a greener Halloween

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Creepin' it Real - Scarily Good Sustainable Halloween Guide

Who doesn't like to spook things up at this time of year? Whilst the temptation is there to load up your basket full of that sweet Halloween decor, take a moment to think about the impact all that plastic will have on the environment - and your wallet!

Dive into the crypt of sustainable Halloween parties and costumes - we've got more ideas than you can shake a (broom)stick at!

Thrift or Treat

Ok, we know it's an American term but the pun was too good not to use

Forget ordering a pre-made costume online - head out for the day and visit all the charity, second-hand, and vintage shops in town. Have an idea of what you'd like to dress up as and see what you can find. It really is scarily good fun and far more rewarding to put your costume together. Plus - it's fangtastic for your wallet!

Rags to Witches

Dig through your wardrobe - do you have any old shirts, dresses, trousers or skirts you could upcycle into a spooky costume or decoration? Old fishnets can be reused and hung up as spiderwebs, ripped old shirts can be used to create a mummy effect, the classic white-bedsheet-ghost ... use your imagination and see what creepy creation you can come up with!

Plan a Petrifying Party while being Spookily Sustainable

Avoid single-use plastic decorations that are a ghastly environmental nightmare.

  • Eco-Friendly Decor - Use recyclable and reusable decorations like pumpkins, paper bats, and LED candles for an eerily atmospheric ambiance

  • Terrifyingly Tasty Treats - Leftover pumpkin-decoration everything, anyone? Don't forget to recycle the food you don't get round to using

  • Cauldron Cocktails - Mix up some menacing cocktails while avoiding petrifying plastic - opt for glass bottles and aluminium cans for easy recycling

  •  Ghastly Green - Opt for reusable cups, plates and cutlery - it'll save you a lot of recycling and help save the environment

  • Charity Shop Challenge - Challenge your guests to create decorations for the party using items exclusively from the thrift store

Hopefully these haunting hints and terrifying tips will give you a good (be)head start on a more sustainable spooky season!