Sustainability on a Shoestring

Today marks the start of Go Green Week 2024, so we've put some budget-friendly tips together on how to live sustainably :)

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Looking to go green without breaking the bank? Take a look at our tips on living sustainably on a shoestring!

Reuse, Reduce

  • Save more than just money when using a reusable bottle, cup or bag
    • 7.7 million plastic bottles are used each year
    • The average person in the UK uses 150 plastic bottles a year
    • 5 million tons of plastic are used in the UK each year

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Forget Fast Fashion

  • Shop slow, shop second-hand
    • Charity shops
    • Vintage shops
    • Vinted
    • Depop
    • Ebay
  • Save some money and upcycle your existing wardrobe
    • Add your unique style to a tired piece of clothing
    • Make cushion covers and blankets out of old bedding
  • Sharing is caring
    • Instead of spending pennies on a new outfit - share wardrobes with your housemates
    • Donate unwanted clothes instead of binning them

Use it or Lose it

  • Save money and stay clutter-free by using up products before buying new
  • If it is broke, do fix it
    • Don't buy new if it can be fixed
    • Only replace when necessary

By taking one or more of these budget-friendly tips on board, you'll be saving your future as well as your bank account!